Lithium Battery Liquid Cooling Solutions
including ESS, EV

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EV Application: Serpentine Tube 21700 for Vinfast VF8

Sector: Battery for Electromobility

Project Description: XD THERMAL was engaged by Vinfast to develop and supply the Serpentine Tube 21700 for the VF8 electric vehicle. The main objective was to leverage the flexibility in organizing shapes of serpentine tubes for module-based solutions (C2M). This innovative design ensures optimal thermal management, enhancing the overall performance and longevity of the vehicle’s battery system. The project highlights the capability of XD THERMAL to deliver customized and efficient cooling solutions tailored to specific EV applications.

Scope of Delivery: Custom design of serpentine tube layout, material selection, prototyping, and thermal performance testing; ensuring compliance with industry standards.

EV Application: CTP Cooling Plate for Seres SF5

Sector: Battery for Electromobility

Project Description: XD THERMAL was tasked with providing a cooling solution for the Seres SF5, a vehicle developed in collaboration with Serez. The CTP Cooling Plate developed features ultra-long and ultra-wide cold plates, characteristic of the C2P solution. This cooling technology ensures efficient heat dissipation, contributing to the enhanced performance and reliability of the electric vehicle, meeting the stringent requirements set by the collaboration.

Scope of Delivery: Design and manufacture of ultra-long, ultra-wide cooling plates, including custom material selection and precision machining. XD THERMAL ensured compliance with automotive standards and provided comprehensive thermal analysis and performance testing.

ESS Application: Double Flat CP for Ekito

Sector: Energy Storage System (ESS)

Project Description: Ekito approached XD THERMAL to supply a space-efficient cooling solution for their energy storage systems. XD THERMAL developed the Double Flat CP, a double-sided cold plate that increases power density and enhances heat efficiency through its honeycomb structure. This solution not only saves space but also ensures the high performance and reliability of the energy storage systems.

Scope of Delivery: Innovative design of double-sided cold plates with honeycomb structure, material selection, and advanced fabrication techniques. XD THERMAL provided system integration services, performance validation, and long-term reliability testing.

ESS Application: Battery Case for ESS Power Guodian

Sector: Energy Storage System (ESS)

Project Description: XD THERMAL provided a highly integrated, standardized liquid-cooled battery enclosure for ESS Power Guodian. This project involved the development of a battery case that ensures efficient thermal management, prolonging battery life and maintaining optimal performance. The design emphasizes integration and standardization to meet the high demands of modern energy storage applications.

Scope of Delivery: Comprehensive design and engineering of the liquid-cooled battery enclosure, including CAD modeling, material selection, and prototype development. XD THERMAL conducted thermal performance testing, facilitated regulatory compliance

Locomotive: Liquid Cooling Plate for Aowei Technology

Sector: Locomotive Cooling

Project Description: XD THERMAL was contracted by Aowei Technology to develop liquid cooling plates for their locomotives. These cooling panels are specifically designed for infrastructure and special facilities, providing reliable thermal management and ensuring the locomotives operate efficiently under various conditions. The project showcases XD THERMAL’s expertise in delivering robust cooling solutions for specialized applications.

Scope of Delivery: Custom design and production of liquid cooling plates tailored to locomotive requirements, material sourcing, and compliance with railway standards.

Heavy Duty: Cooling Solutions for Sandvik

Sector: Heavy Duty Cooling

Project Description: XD THERMAL was engaged by Sandvik to supply a range of cooling solutions, including headers, cooling plates, and cooling tubes, for their heavy-duty applications. These products are designed to offer high strength, pressure resistance, and stability, ensuring robust performance in demanding environments. The project highlights XD THERMAL’s ability to deliver high-quality cooling solutions for heavy-duty sectors.

Scope of Delivery: Engineering and fabrication of heavy-duty cooling components, including headers, plates, and tubes, with a focus on durability and pressure resistance. XD THERMAL provided rigorous testing and quality assurance services to meet industry standards.

Off-board EV Cooling: Liquid Cooling Plate for Exponent

Sector: Off-board EV Cooling

Project Description: Exponent enlisted XD THERMAL to provide a liquid cooling plate for their off-board EV cooling systems. This product features a flexible design and cost control, serving both as a cooling solution and a structural component. The innovative design ensures efficient thermal management and cost-effective production, making it ideal for off-board EV applications.

Scope of Delivery: Design and production of liquid cooling plates with dual functionality, incorporating structural and thermal management roles. XD THERMAL offered cost-effective manufacturing processes, conducted extensive thermal performance testing, and provided comprehensive customer support for integration and maintenance.


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