Liquid Cooling Components work in multiple fields which electrified. Such as Electrical vehicles, Energy storage systems, Solar systems, Heavy duties, eVTOL, Marines


XD Thermal is a professional liquid cooling plates manufactuer in China, with rich experience in supplying cooling components for automotive OEMs and other fields which run Li-ion battery packs. We not only produce cooling parts, but also provide engineering service, including design, simulation and validation tests.

For Battery Cooling Plates

hydroformed liquid cooling plate- XD THERMAL
cold plate simulation2
cold plate simulation1 - XD THERMAL
battery pack cold plate simulation1 - XD THERMAL
liquid cooling plate- Sectional view- XD THERMAL

For Liquid Cooling Tube

Liquid Cooling Tube - XD THERMAL
Extrusion liquid cooling tube parametric - XD THERMAL


XD THERMAL offers a one-stop solution covering R&D, optimization, and production specifically tailored for liquid cooling components of battery thermal management. 

XD THERMAL’s efficient production capabilities and expertise in design optimization significantly reduce project timelines, ensuring swift market entry without compromising quality.


Pride in manufacturing products to automotive-grade standards certified by the IATF 16949 system, XD THERMAL demonstrates a commitment to high-quality products that meet stringent requirements. 

With state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and techniques, XD THERMAL excels in producing diverse, high-quality thermal management components, offering flexibility and scalability to meet varying your needs.

XD THERMAL-one-stop manufacturer
We prioritize the development of battery liquid cooling components that excel in performance and sustainability. Our commitment extends to employing eco-friendly materials and processes throughout research, development, and production, ensuring that our products not only meet the standards of efficiency but also contribute positively to environmental conservation.
new energy battery cooling plates
Efficient and Reliable

Through strategic material choices and CAD optimizations, XD THERMAL achieves a substantial 15.6% reduction in procurement costs per project, ensuring our cooling plates are not just lighter and stronger, but also align with 98.7% of industry-standard battery types. This meticulous engineering is crucial for advanced thermal management in EVs, ESS(energy storage system), and solar systems applications.

Additionally, our innovative designs promote greater manufacturing flexibility, leading to significant reductions in energy and material consumption. This advancement in manufacturing technology underscores our commitment to sustainability and our mission to deliver cutting-edge, efficient cooling solutions, making them both environmentally friendly and cost-effective for a wide range of applications.

auto brazing furnace
Auto Brazing Furnace
laser shearing line-540
Laser Shearing Line
Helium Leakage Test Platform_540
Helium Leakage Test
Hydroforming Stations
FSW STATION1 For Energy Storage System Battery Enclosure/Case_XD THERMAL
FSW Station

XD – Production Realization

1 .  Initial communication about your ideas

2 .  Detailed solution design & analysis

3 .  Prototype manufacturing & varification

4 .  Mass production

You can save up to 15.6% on your costs

Initial drawing optimisation expected within 2 days

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