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Liquid Cooling Plate Development And Design

Batteries generate heat during operation, and efficient heat transfer requirements have become more and more important. One of the effective ways to achieve this goal is to develop and design liquid cooling plates to prevent overheating and damage to the system, maximizing battery performance, durability and safety.

Fluid Flow Simulation

According to the simulation requirements of the battery structure analysis, through the analysis of the cold plate design, the flow uniformity of the flow field, process VOF flow state simulation, fluid flow simulation analysis matching the flow and cooling capacity of the branch cold plate, to meet the flow resistance rate target, to ensure the consistency of the cold plate heat exchange.

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Thermal Simulation Analysis

Through the use of advanced simulation tools and test methods, bring into thermal management strategies, evaluate the performance of these liquid cooling plate structure / design under various conditions, and optimize for specific applications, simulate the actual operating conditions of the battery, effectively reduce the internal temperature difference of the battery pack, and further ensure the safety of the battery operation.

System Thermal Management

A well-designed battery pack cooling system ensures effective heat transfer and distribution, minimizes temperature changes between batteries, and maximizes the overall thermal performance of the battery pack, reduces the total cost of ownership, and increases computing power output

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How To Make A Design?

Our R&D center, dedicated to driving the development of liquid cooling board technology, provides innovative solutions to meet the changing needs of our customers. Whether you are looking for a customized solution for a particular application or need help in mass production, we have the technical expertise and manufacturing capabilities to meet your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our liquid cooling board research and development capabilities.

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