Top 10 Liquid Cooled Plate Companies in US

In my journey exploring the liquid cooling tech frontier, I’ve seen the U.S. lead in liquid cold plate innovation. There are several prominent companies that have earned accolades for their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. What about their secret? 

It’s a sector where expertise meets environmental consciousness, making the U.S. a true leader in the field.

In this blog post, we will take a closer look at ten companies in the U.S. liquid cooling panels industry.

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Although XD Thermal is not located in the United States, we have earned recognition in the field of liquid cooling plate manufacturing and our dedication to innovation and quality. We specialize in cutting-edge liquid cooling solutions to provide comprehensive thermal management solutions for battery packs. We are proud to enter the US market and be their benchmark, and we recognize the potential of our competitors whose tireless efforts may put them on the list.


When it comes to liquid cold plates, it has to be said that BOYD stands out, because they have great presence, its headquarters on both the West and East Coasts of the U.S. and branches in Europe and Asia. In addition to liquid cooling, they also have extreme air cooling. If your project is considering transitioning from air-cooled to liquid-cooled, try to see if there is a branch office close to you for faster project support.


From what I understand, they have to produce liquid cold plates, but more importantly produce HEAT SINKS, do it manufacturing and assembling. They use hydraulic press equipment which is an ideal tool for heatsink assembly and to straighten fins. If you don’t know how to choose a radiator for your project, they have standard radiator parts for reference! Also they provide custom CNC precision machining parts. If you need to make a cold plate by CNC, then maybe they will have a great answer to your CNC questions.


COFAN USA is a professional heat sink, cooling fan, PCB, MCPCB, and LED related products supplier with ISO-9001 certification,and main Serving the electronics sector. They are very caring ,one-stop shop for all of your cooling, PCB, and UV-LED application related needs. Dive into COFAN USA’s main website(  for solutions in heatsinks, mechanical parts manufacturing, and cooling fans. For PCB/MCPCB essentials, visit their PCB site(, and for cutting-edge UV-LED technology, explore Violumas(


Now is the era of the Internet of Everything, with the development and popularization of artificial intelligence, you know, especially the promotion of ChatGPT technology, which has further accelerated the implementation of high-power application scenarios such as AI computing power, and MOTIVAIR designs, engineers, and services liquid cooling and data center cooling infrastructure, if you are the operator of silicon manufacturers, server OEMs, or data centers, trust me, Direct-to-Chip Liquid Cooling They are professional from components to the entire liquid cooling system, just like if you need liquid cooling heat exchange in a new energy electric vehicle or energy storage battery pack, look for xdthermal, by the way, Motivair & Datalec to Exhibit at Data Centre World in London~


In terms of ease of purchase, ATS does a great job, they have eshop, you can directly see what you want and how much it currently has in stock, create an account, you can build your list, right? ATS heat sinks cool NVIDIA Jetson modules in edge AI, robotic, and embedded applications. For cooling plates, you can choose their size, material, and thermal resistance, and they really put a lot of thought into the product classification


Mikros main offers microchannel liquid-cooled heat sinks and micronozzle plate for applications requiring high heat flux cooling and low thermal resistance, such as high-end server microprocessors, power electronic components, and high power lasers, to name a few. It is worth mentioning, their products won the award for the 2022 New Hampshire Tech Alliance Product of the Year. For those seeking high heat flux cooling solutions, exploring Mikros Technologies’ website is a must.


Wieland stands out in the “micro” cooling domain, distinct from Mikros, with a keen focus on base plate, cold plate, and comprehensive cooling loop system designs. They offer a myriad of fin and custom pin fin geometries designed to improve reliability and thermal efficiency in cooling electronic systems. Notably, Wieland more excels in the specific challenge of cooling power electronics inside inverters for hybrid and electric vehicles.


Although they are a distributor, if they can provide the liquid cooling product you want, it is a more efficient option. Their liquid cold plates are made with continuous copper tubes, which used to be the more mainstream type of cold plates, and even now they are still cost-effective for many high-power and high-heat electronic devices and integrated circuits.


Since 1957, Wakefield Thermal has been a stalwart in the heat transfer technology field, boasting a rich history and depth of experience. In contrast to XDTHERMAL‘s specialized focus on precise liquid cooling heat exchange for battery packs, Wakefield Thermal prides itself on the wide applicability of its products. As they said: to provide thermal solutions to as many different kinds of businesses as possible. This approach highlights Wakefield’s commitment to addressing the diverse thermal management needs of businesses across various sectors, making them a trusted partner in the industry.

When we take a look at these companies in the United States, we can clearly see the outstanding contributions of numerous companies in the field of thermal solutions. Each company brings its own expertise, innovation, and customer service to meet the diverse needs of the industry. All of these companies deserve to be recognized for their efforts, especially XDTHERMAL, which focuses on cutting-edge liquid cooling solutions to provide comprehensive thermal management solutions for power batteries. It also gives more options for liquid cooling panel solutions in the U.S., providing customers with reliable products and support.
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