Top 10 Liquid Cold Plate Companies in India

What comes to mind when you think of India? It may be some not-so-well-ingrained stereotypes, but what you don't know is that India's IT sector is globally recognized, software development, data analytics, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and the country is home to many technology startups and R&D centers of multinational corporations.

Regarding the development of advanced cooling technologies like liquid cold plates, through reading a lot of information, I have also sorted out some excellent companies to share with you. I hope it will be helpful to you.

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Factors that determine whether it is a good supplier include product quality, product production cycle, product cost-effectiveness, etc. XDTHERMAL cares about all the factors because our goal is to add value to our customers you know, that's why XD THERMAL is on the list even though the company is not from India. We are honored to contribute to the electric vehicle industry in India


Headquartered in France, Mersen has 16 R&D centers around the world, especially a branch in India that dates back to 1978. Mersen's mastery of vacuum brazing technology allows it to provide leak-proof liquid cold plates. These strong and corrosion-resistant cold plates have strong thermal properties, making them ideal for many applications. The company is also certified as an AS9100 classified manufacturer for the aerospace industry. In short, if you are looking for a mature liquid cooling plate company in India in the market, you can go to the Mersen website to take a look


Vikas Group, Inc.'s products are mainly used in the automotive industry, such as air conditioning systems, exhaust gas catalyst manufacturing, precision machining parts, automotive exhaust treatment, automotive air conditioning, etc. With a product portfolio of multiple patents, it must be said that their strength is very strong . In terms of liquid cooling plate technology, they are mainly extrusion type. Not only do they perform well in business, but they also value the happiness of their employees. You know, they will participate in the Bard Marathon with their employees.


This is a globally authorized distributor of semiconductors and electronic components for over 1,200 industry-leading manufacturer brands. Here you can find liquid cooling plates, heat sinks, heat pipes from companies such as Aavid. If what you need is light customization and you want to get the product quickly, then Mouser Electronics may be able to meet your needs more easily. As an aside, they share some new knowledge on their blog ( every Tuesday. They call this day "New Tech Tuesdays". I have read a few very interesting articles before, and I recommend you to read them.

SS Engineering Works

If you are after a liquid cooling plate precision manufactured by CNC, I recommend you consider SS Engineering Works. Their CNC machined parts and liquid cooling plates are strictly designed and controlled, resulting in impressive product quality and quite reasonable prices. Coolant channel plate can be made from CNC process. CNC coolant channel plate can be finalized without any mold investiment, so it is naturally suitable for proto type sample development


RITRA Technologies LLP is a partnership formed by a group of individuals with technical and commercial expertise in the rail transportation sector. Note: We found the liquid cooling plate through the renewable energy category under the product category on their website rather than e-mobility. Their main export destinations are Italy and Russia. If you happen to be in these areas and looking for rail-related cold plates, you can follow their LinkedIn and website. They must be very experienced.


Thermovac Aerospace's main export markets or countries are Israel, Singapore, and France, and its business focuses on vacuum brazing (which is also an important process in the production and manufacturing of liquid cooling plates). According to the investigation, they mainly purchase high-quality aluminum plates from China for business production. In addition to liquid cooling plates, they will also be involved in the business of chassis & enclosures, and their application fields are mainly aerospace and defense. In 2023, they were invited to participate in Aero India 2023, the premier aerospace and defense exhibition in India


For this company, you may not directly see their cold plates after entering the website, because they do not specialize in liquid cooling plates, but click on the product page and search for "cold plate", and the result will be clear at a glance, there is Cold Plates - Single Phase and Two Phase Liquid Cooling and heat exchangers. Since their industrial distribution network spans approximately 17,000 locations around the world, they may be available in your area, so I’ve included them in this article as well.


Incresol Engineering Solutions is not a very large company, but it still has certain strength in providing high-quality solutions. The industries they serve are AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEERING, HEAVY ENGINEERING, and CONSUMER INDUSTRIES. They mainly make liquid cooling plates that combine copper and aluminum, and of course they also have air-cooled extruded fin heat sinks. Not only that, especially in ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS & SERVICES, Incresol Engineering Solutions offers Design and Development support from conceptual phase till Design freeze primarily in the field of Automotive and heavy engineering domain

Bombay Electronics

Bombay Electronics is a wholesale retailer. The form of their liquid cooling plate is different from the one mentioned before. They call it Water Cooling Head Water Cooling Plate. To be honest, this form of liquid cooling plate is not suitable for battery pack replacement. Hot, it's too small. Its application fields mainly focus on computer CPU water, industrial inverter driver, laser head cooling, industrial control cabinet cooling.

The above are 10 excellent Indian liquid cooling plate manufacturers that I have carefully compiled. I believe there are many other excellent manufacturers that are listed on this list because of my limited time. Each company presented here has its own unique expertise, service areas, and pursuit of innovation and quality assurance. XDTHERMAL is known for its pioneering liquid cooling solutions for battery packs, especially for power and energy storage battery packs, providing comprehensive thermal management solutions from design R&D to mass production, which has consolidated its presence in the Indian market status, providing customers with thermal management solutions for more application scenarios
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