Top 10 Liquid Cooled Plate Companies in Europe

Europe is at the forefront of technological advancement, leading the way in areas such as information technology, artificial intelligence, big data and cloud computing. Europe is the birthplace of countless innovative startups and home to the R&D centers of many global conglomerates. 

As we delve into the cooling system space, specifically in the area of liquid cooling panels, I’ve gathered some European companies for you to consider. I hope this list provides you with valuable insights.

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XD THERMAL has services in 55 countries and has extensive experience in international OEM projects. They have proprietary profile extrusion lines and machining centers, which are crucial for a first-class supplier. XD THERMAL Although they are not from a European country, they have had an impact on the thermal management of electric vehicles in Europe, so this company really deserves a place on this list


Valeo, with its roots in France and branches spreading across the globe, including China, the Netherlands, and German. As an international parts supply giant with relatively mature technologies and products in the field of thermal management of traditional fuel vehicles, they were earlier Entering into the field of thermal management of new energy vehicles. They call the liquid cooling plate battery liquid cooler.


Delving into the automotive sector, I’ve been impressed by Mahle, based in Stuttgart, Germany. Their vast array of products, particularly in engine components and thermal management systems, stands out. Their commitment to electric vehicle (EV) innovation, especially thermal management solutions, aligns perfectly with the industry’s shift towards electrification. Mahle’s global presence and innovation make them a key player in the automotive industry’s future. For procurement professionals, Mahle is a noteworthy partner.

Oh, I have to say that when XDTHERMAL participated in the exhibition before, many thermal management designers from Mahle came to our booth to communicate. They also totally recognized XDTHERMAL’s products and services.


I spent a long time searching for information about this company, which is a startup under Aretè Cocchi Technology, and they are very good and mature in brazing, which is kind of their strong point. In addition, they have a wide range of liquid-cooled panels, and many air-cooled products in addition to liquid cooling. You can find the suitable solution for every need in the cooling field through customization services.


This is a Japanese company but there is a branch in the UK. They mainly do cold plate liquid cooling for supercomputers and heat pipes for cooling advanced laser diode televisions, and in the case of heat pipes, they’ve worked out ultra-thin heat pipes – less than 1 millimeter thick! This thinness allows them to be used in mobile devices, so you could say they are specifically applicable. They also recently demonstrated this product of theirs at the Mobile World Congress 2024 in Barcelona.

Kawaso Texcel

There are three main features of this company’s liquid cooling plates: first, special runner design to achieve full and uniform cooling; second, high precision surface for more rapid cooling; and third, full hard brazing to eliminate water leakage. The fabrication materials are both copper and aluminum, and I understand that they can be shipped within a week at the earliest. I forgot to mention that Kawaso Texcel is headquartered in Japan, this is a branch in Germany. By the way, the company is actively looking for partners who specialize in metal processing and firing of precision ceramics. If you are interested you can learn about them later.



PWR produces water cooling plate and brazed chassis for the aerospace, defense, and motorsports markets for applications such as radar systems, self-driving cars, energy storage systems, and power electronics cooling. Notably, they have a state-of-the-art vacuum brazing furnace rated at 1300°c for Grade 1 aluminum brazing, as well as Grade 2 high temperature alloys with higher melting points, which allows them to produce billet machined vacuum brazed cold plates with complex internal cavities. In addition, their chemical processing and heat treating applications are Nadcap® certified, adding to their existing AS9100D certification.


This company focuses on the development and production of product cooling lines, air conditioning ranges and metal carpentry product lines. Tesio’s Cooling Systems are part of the Telema Group and support projects all over the world. They have been producing liquid-cooled panels for more than thirty years, and their cooling systems allow them to manufacture in-house all the subassemblies needed to realize liquid-cooled panels, in addition to being relatively adept at vacuum brazing.


At present, they make the largest aluminum loading pallet specifically for HYMER, 9.2 x 2.8 meters is a size not often seen, which is a plus for them. Both their liquid-cooled and heated plates allow for very precise temperatures on the surface of the plate by circulating a liquid such as thermal oil or water inside the plate.

Advantech International

As soon as I saw the homepage of this company, I was attracted by the cool and technological combination. I believe you will feel the same way as me when you see it! The headquarters is in Taiwan, but I learned that there are also branches in Germany. The company’s liquid cooling plates are mainly based on friction stir welding, stamping and fiber laser welding. The liquid cooling plates are not only light in weight, save costs but also reduce carbon dioxide emissions. In addition, they will participate in many exhibitions in 2024, the latest one is the EU-xEV BTM Innovation & Exhibition exhibition

After we have learned about these ten companies together, you know, it does not cover all excellent European liquid cooling plate companies. In this list, each company has its own advantages in terms of professional skills, customer service, innovation and strict quality inspection. XD THERMAL may not be in Europe, but their influence cannot be ignored. XD THERMAL is firmly entrenched in the industry with its innovative, comprehensive battery pack liquid cooling solutions, providing new options for thermal management solutions
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