Top 10 Liquid Cooled Plate Companies in China

After grinding in the heat exchange game for six years, it’s crystal clear to me that China’s leading the pack in liquid cooling plates. They’ve got the design and production dialed in. Why, though? In China, there’s a massive push for new energy, everyone’s hopping onto the electric car trend, this surge has sparked a demand for liquid cooling plates like never before. 

And the second piece of the puzzle? And then, there’s the supply chain. China’s been a manufacturing powerhouse for ages, nailing down production and quality control. Plus, with the market always craving more, their supply chain’s like a well-oiled machine. So, thinking about getting your hands on some liquid cooling plates from China? Smart thinking, if you ask me.

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We excel in delivering high-quality, cost-effective workmanship, cutting project timelines by 30% with our extensive manufacturing capabilities across three large plants (over 100,000 square meters), you know. Our facilities, certified to automotive-grade standards, enable us to meet any demand from prototype to mass production.

With over 400 successful battery liquid cooling projects and significant international OEM experience, we’re not just manufacturers but comprehensive solution providers, streamlining product development and production from start to finish. This week’s a whirlwind – three customers from different countries lined up to tour our factory.

As Tesla’s core supplier, Sanhua’s strength is obvious to all. In the dynamic landscape of Hangzhou’s economy, Sanhua Automotive also emerges as a beacon of innovation in automotive thermal management in China.

Their liquid cooling plate can have a thickness: 4 mm to 9 mm, Max. width: 1.6 m, Max. length: 2.5 m, Flatness < 0.5 mm in 0.2 m2 area. By the way, they focus on providing solutions to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the thermal management systems sector.


The leading company in the domestic automobile thermal management industry has established strong competitive advantages in the thermal management fields of traditional commercial vehicles, passenger cars, engineering machinery and new energy passenger vehicles, and is now gradually exploring the new energy commercial vehicle thermal management field. Management field and industrial and civil heat exchange field. They launched a product system “1+4+N” in 2022, which is a new energy thermal management system with 4 modules and N parts (you can choose pump, valve, cooler, chiller, condenser, battery cooling plate, radiator , etc), so powerful.

This is China’s top radiator manufacturer, but they also provide radiator and cooling plate design services. Main application areas: consumer electronics, LED, servers, data centers, electric power, medical care, telecommunications, automobiles, new energy, military industry, projectors, and photovoltaic industries. If you are from the US, they will assign a US salesperson to contact you, which is always great with no time difference.

Their product line, ranging from natural to forced and liquid cooling, is comprehensive, with liquid cooling panels excelling through vacuum brazing—a process renowned for its capability to produce liquid cooling panels with internal joints in complex structures, thus enhancing overall component strength and ensuring uniform material characteristics both during and after brazing

They are also the main manufacturer of heat sinks for medical equipment, 5G telecom, cloud computing, etc. Their liquid cooling plates have brazing, extrusion, deep drilling and FSW processes, and the processing techniques are relatively diverse. There is a video column on their website. If you want to see what the product looks like, you can click on it and browse it.

Emphasizing customization, they catered to specific client needs, whether it was logos, packaging, or graphics, ensuring every detail was tailored for a minimum order of just 20 unitsTheir commitment to excellence reflected in their stellar ratings, with customer satisfaction soaring at 4.6 across the board for supplier service, on-time shipment, and product quality.

They have grown into a major metal forming company in Taiwan with a high precision CNC center, die casting center, painting center (powder and liquid coating) and its core thermal solution cold forge center, specializing in advanced thermal solutions. Additionally, they have several local North America sales offices that help to support and communicate to local customers.

They have many product series. If the website has not been updated, you can click “thermal management” under “Products” to find liquid cooling plate. Different from other companies’ product pictures, their main product picture is “product picture + application field” Or “Product Digital Analog Diagram”. For design engineers to browse, this customization requirement will be clear at a glance.

They are based in the field of high-current and high-voltage transmission. With many years of service experience, they are core connection component suppliers for Bosch, United Electronics and Nokia! Last year, they increased investment and entered the research and development and production of battery liquid cooling products. Therefore, they are a manufacturer that can provide liquid cooling plates and a complete set of pipeline accessories systems.

I believe that after reading this, you should have a general understanding of China’s liquid cooling plate suppliers. Do you need design or processing? Is it heat sinks or cooling plates? Is it applied to energy storage or electric vehicles? What kind of processing method do you want to choose? I have to say that as long as you have questions, XDTHERMAL can give you all-round guidance and suggestions to speed up the implementation of your project.
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