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Efficient battery trays are important in this rapidly evolving field of technology. They are essential for protecting and enhancing the performance of a wide range of electronic devices, especially electric vehicles. The European market is highly competitive and is home to several companies known for their commitment to quality, customer satisfaction and innovative engineering. In this article, we will take a closer look at the top-ranked European companies in the battery tray industry.

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XD THERMAL is noteworthy when it comes to liquid cooling battery tray manufacturing. They focus on optimizing the battery tray through a strategic focus on lightweighting, enhancing the performance of the battery system while maintaining optimal functionality and safety of the vehicle. What sets XD THERMAL apart is the ability to increase energy density within a given volume, which not only reduces material usage, but also makes battery tray solutions more cost effective. Although not headquartered in Europe, I am confident that XD THERMAL’s strict standards and high quality of products will place the company on this list.

Gestamp is a multinational company that designs, develops and manufactures highly engineered metal components for automotive manufacturers. The company values innovation and aims to produce lighter and safer vehicles with reduced energy consumption and environmental impact. So for the battery tray they are also focusing on safety and light weight. Oh, and I also learned that just in March their Senior CAE Engineer Quan Rong participated in an event organized by the Verein “Neue Möbilität Paderborn e.V.” and the Konfuzius Institute in Paderborn, where they discussed the challenges and opportunities of the global industry and other related topics. Challenges and opportunities and other relevant topics.

If you have a need for aluminum products then look no further than Constellium. With 25 manufacturing sites in Europe, North America and China, and 3 R&D centers, the company looks like a powerhouse. For battery trays, Constellium focuses on rolled and extruded solutions that allow for design freedom, but also simultaneously provide lighter weight, superior crashworthiness, and road debris intrusion resistance. As I understand it, they also have Recycling cans campaigns, contributing to the environment and circular economy.

This company is quite unique in that it is a family-owned holding company that specializes in automotive technology, steel and pipe production, and engineering. Their battery trays are in mass production and their rechargeable energy storage systems fulfill all relevant customer needs and legal requirements in Europe, USA and China. For aluminum solutions, they recommend 6 series profiles because they are lighter, safer, stronger and at the same time easier to modularize. Just recently, their new product steel/tubing was recently developed with an innovative titanium galvanizing process that enhances corrosion resistance against zinc and base metals.

Thyssenkrupp-steel is one of the leading suppliers of carbon steel flat steel and is considered to be the largest flat steel producer in Germany. By the way, the company already offers certified steel through bluemint® Steel, which reduces CO2 emission intensity by up to 70%. Their battery trays are made of a newly developed steel design, available in several patented designs, and weigh almost nothing compared to aluminum. Recently, they participated in the Coiltech exhibition, which focuses on the topic of CO2 reduction, so if you are interested, check it out.

The EDAGGroup is a global network of around 60 locations implementing projects in the fields of vehicle engineering, electrical/electronic and production solutions. Their research projects in the field of drive and storage technology are numerous and include integrated battery trays, hybrid hydrogen and battery storage systems, and scalable battery trays for flexible electric vehicle platforms. Although the advantages and benefits of battery trays are not very detailed, interested parties can directly contact the Head of Innovation in the field of drive and storage technology and the company has professionals who will analyze your project with you. Additionally, their additional information has a lot of technical insights and white papers available to you.

The company is focused on “driving sustainable mobility” and in order to achieve this they focus on sustainable bioplastics, recycled materials and battery solutions. Their battery tray has a number of highlights, which I won’t go into, but I think one of the more unique highlights is the excellent level of energy absorption during high-speed crashes. Soon their Dr. Engineer will be speaking at the 28th National SAMPE Symposium on “The Potential of Lightweight Composite Solutions for battery trays”, so if you are interested you can go and listen to the lecture.

Kautex is one of the world’s top 100 automotive suppliers and develops innovative fluid management, casting and clear vision systems as well as industrial packaging. Of course, they also have their own specialties for battery trays. Their battery trays have a “one-shot” process, where the composite reinforcement structure is integrated directly into the compression molding, thus eliminating the assembly step for the customer, resulting in shorter cycle times and better sealing than steel and aluminum solutions. By the way, I learned that Kautex Wins 2023 Gasgoo Award for Pentatonic Battery System, which is certainly a testament to their company.

Sundaram-Clayton Limited (SCL) is an Indian automotive component company that also has a company in Germany. The company produces aluminum die castings for automotive and non-automotive applications, although there is not a lot of information about their products, but as far as I know their company produces battery trays. Regarding the quality of their products, they are IATF certified as early as 2021, so you can rest assured about the quality.

LION Smart is an innovative engineering services company serving Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and suppliers in the automotive industry as well as other industries. In addition, I learned that the company also operates a test facility and test lab for power storage devices in cooperation with TÜV SÜD AG (TÜV SÜD Battery Testing GmbH). It is worth noting that their battery trays are made of glass fiber sheet molding compound (SMC) based on Evonik’s high-performance epoxy resin curing agent VESTALITE® S, which provides the same performance as a metal battery enclosure, but in a significantly lighter package!

It took me a long time to compile this list, and of course there are still a lot of shortcomings, but I hope this list will be helpful to you. The companies on this list are all very strong, and as far as I know there are publicly traded companies on it, so it goes without saying that these companies have their own unique strengths in terms of technology, customer service, environmental protection and quality. Although XD THERMAL is not a European company, the company's difference is that it can increase the energy density in a given volume, which not only reduces the amount of material used, but also makes the battery tray solution more cost-effective. So I think that's enough to put the company on this list.
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