Top 10 Liquid Cooled Plate Companies in Europe

Since the introduction of Tesla’s ROADSTER, the spotlight has increasingly focused on electric vehicles, spotlighting the pivotal role of the battery pack as a core component. Serving not only in various prestigious automotive brands but also in energy storage projects, the battery pack enclosure is distinguished by its construction from lightweight aluminum, crafted through meticulous processes including precision die-casting, extrusion, stamping, and welding.

With six years under my belt in the battery thermal management sphere, I’ve curated a list of standout battery box manufacturers. To simplify your search, guiding you towards the best choices for your needs. Let’s navigate this electrifying landscape together.

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In my journey through thermal management projects, XD Thermal Technology is a standout. Located in Suzhou, China, they’re masters in developing battery thermal management components, like battery pack enclosure, liquid cooling plates, with a variety of proprietary product lines. Their edge? A one-stop solution from R&D to production, all meeting automotive-grade standards (IATF 16949). They have cooperation with Vinfast, LG, etc. For anyone in electric vehicles or energy storage, their integrated approach simplifies procurement and the added value is high I find very beneficial. Their dedication to quality and efficiency makes them an indispensable partner in our industry.

Zhenyu stands as a pivotal player in the precision structural parts industry, with 51.58% of its revenue steered by power lithium battery components, including top covers and casings, primarily for domestic projects. 

The company is now aligning its strategies, As part of this strategic shift, Zhenyu plans to set up a European production base for core precision structural parts, with an investment of 72 million euros and a projected completion timeline of 4.5 years. 

Xusheng Group, focuses on lightweight solutions for new energy, emphasizing research, development, and innovation. They have forged partnerships with automotive giants such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Volkswagen, Stellantis, BYD, Great Wall, Geely, and others. In January 2023, Xusheng Group was awarded the “Excellent Supplier” Award by BYD Freddy Power

They have forged long-term, stable partnerships with leading consumer electronics brands. Notably, they are producing structural parts for the Samsung S24 mobile phone and cases for Apple’s Vision Pro, with ongoing shipments. The demand for the new MacBook remains steady, illustrating EWPT’s vital role in supporting flagship products. Beyond consumer electronics, EWPT is diversifying into the new energy vehicle market, supplying essential precision components like power battery structural parts and electrical connections to major industry players, including CATL and Tesla.

In the electric vehicle realm, their innovations in lightweight body parts benefit brands like Aiways and Weltmeister, bolstered by a strategic partnership with CATL. Equally impactful in the photovoltaic storage arena. This dual focus on electric vehicles and energy storage underlines their strong position to capitalize on the new energy sector’s growth.

In terms of smart manufacturing, Tuopu will definitely be on the list. Rely on R&D innovation and digital manufacturing capabilities to improve the comprehensive competitiveness of interior functional parts, lightweight chassis, thermal management and other businesses, and explore new growth in the automotive electronics business.

They have honed their focus on the automotive industry, particularly on its electrification, ascending to become the supplier of aluminum battery casings and exterior parts. Their global footprint is underscored by strategic partnerships and joint ventures, notably with the Renault Group for manufacturing battery casings in France.

As one of the important processing technologies for battery boxes – stamping, Wei Tang Industrial’s strength in the stamping field cannot be underestimated. Wei Tang itself started out as a mold company. Driven by the development of the new energy market, the company established subsidiaries VT Industries DELAWARE Inc. and VT Industries TEXAS Inc. in the United States in 2022. Additionally, in 2023, it acquired a German mold factory to further increase production capacity.

They have built a strong customer base by providing high-quality OEM services to many prominent automotive and electric vehicle companies. While EMP offers a wide range of automotive components, their most popular and in-demand product is their aluminum alloy electric vehicle battery cases. These battery housings are designed to provide secure containment and structural support for the battery packs in new energy vehicles.

They are the leader in lithium battery connection systems. Their main business is the research and development, design, production and sales of electrical connection products. Their main products are battery connection systems, electronic control busbars and industrial electrical busbars. Battery connection systems are widely used in power batteries and energy storage batteries to achieve signal collection and transmission. In the past two years, they have creatively launched a battery connection system, which is more lightweight and integrated than traditional injection molded pallet solutions.

As mentioned at the beginning, there are three mainstream processing technologies for battery boxes: die-casting, extrusion, and stamping. These processes are all involved in 10 companies. We hope you can find a supplier that suits your battery pack project needs.
Different from companies that started with molds or a certain process, XDTHERMAL relies on more than ten years of deep processing experience in the aluminum industry to focus on cutting-edge battery thermal management solutions, including sophisticated liquid cooling systems, of which extrusion and stamping are the most prominent processes.
If you're unsure about the right materials/processes for your project or just starting out, XDTHERMAL offers a comprehensive journey from R&D to mass production. Embrace a one-stop solution with us for both prototype and mass production needs.
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I've worked in battery thermal management for over 5 years, handling lots of international projects. If you're curious about battery liquid cooling products or services, feel free to ask me any questions!


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