Top 10 Battery Pack Enclosure Companies in Americas

In this technologically diverse environment, the place is home to a range of world-class companies and R&D facilities. Now, let us turn our attention to Battery Pack Enclosure. We will discuss the 10 companies in the Americas that are outstanding in Battery Pack Enclosure manufacturing. I hope this list will be helpful to you.

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XD THERMAL focuses on the lightweighting of the Battery Pack Enclosure because achieving lightweighting improves the battery system while ensuring the functionality and overall safety of the vehicle. In addition, they simplify the product design and increase the energy density within a given volume. This design not only saves on material usage and makes the enclosure solution more cost-effective, but it also reduces the number of bill of materials (BOM) components and processing steps, resulting in improved yields and consistency. Although XD THERMAL is not located in the Americas, their high standards for theattery Pack Enclosure are enough to put them on the list.

Magna is one of the world’s largest suppliers to the automotive sector, with a global network of 342 manufacturing facilities and 104 product development, engineering and sales centers in 28 countries, so it has to be said that this company is very very well established. For their battery enclosures they are able to provide full production and engineering solutions, their focus is on improving design efficiency and optimizing space. In addition they have technical sheets and solutions available if you need them, you just need to download them.

The company consists of two main operating divisions – Industrial and Mobility – and the Mobility division is the one that focuses on propulsion systems, structural and chassis systems, energy storage and power generation for the global electric and conventional power vehicle markets. Their management is undoubtedly professional and detailed, and I believe that having such a systematic team is of high quality for the production of Battery Pack Enclosure. The company recently completed the acquisition of Bourgault Industries Ltd. to strengthen its position as a leading manufacturer of agricultural shortline equipment.

Novelis is a subsidiary of Hindalco Industries Limited, which is part of the Aditya Birla Group based in India. They have introduced a newly designed innovative solution for the second generation of lightweight electric vehicle battery enclosures that minimizes weight and reduces costs while providing higher pack energy density. In addition, their capabilities in material formability, joining technology and strength innovations are among the more impressive in the aluminum industry, so if you have some needs in this area, you can learn more about this company.

One of the company’s hallmarks is the use of composites, and as a global leader in diversified composite and multi-material technologies, they are both environmentally friendly and lightweight for automobiles. Of course, they also use composites in their battery pack enclosures, which have a high strength-to-weight ratio, improve efficiency, and do not corrode or degrade when exposed to chemicals. By the way, the company has also received the highly acclaimed AME Award of Excellence.

SGL Carbon has 29 bases in Europe, North America, and Asia, in addition, their products are made of special graphite, carbon fiber and composite materials, including battery pack enclosure is also made of fiber composite materials, to achieve weight reduction and longer range, in addition, they have a composite battery The advantages of the battery pack enclosure are explained in detail, I will not list them all, you can go to learn about them if you are interested. Oh, they are also a very caring organization, they raised nearly 800 euros through charity sales and took the money to donations.

Dura-Shiloh’s main focus is in electrification solutions, which include BEV battery housings and park lock actuators, among others, and their team is an expert in integrating alternative materials that reduce weight and minimize components. Also their manufacturing processes are noteworthy, with roll forming into geometries, robotic stretch bending, hydroforming and stamping. I forgot to mention that they recently expanded their state-of-the-art electric vehicle battery enclosure manufacturing facility in North America.

Hudson Technologies is a trusted supplier of all types of deep-drawn stamped parts and shapes, including customized battery pack enclosures for a variety of industry applications.Notably, their standard deep-drawing catalog includes more than 15,000 shapes and sizes, resulting in extremely low or no tooling costs for customers. or no tooling costs. In addition, their products never use chlorinated lubricants or solvents, meaning Hudson Technologies is a green manufacturer, which is a plus.

Americase is a designer and manufacturer of advanced protective packaging for the transportation and storage of high value and hazardous goods. Additionally they use three different form factors to design battery pack enclosures that allow for multiple current and future battery sizes to fit each unique form factor. Recently, they were recently shortlisted for the International Battery Symposium and Exhibition where they showcased their new lithium battery storage enclosure, so if you’re interested, you can learn more about this company.

It is my understanding that in 2023, ABS was acquired by Komatsu, a global leader in construction, mining, forestry and industrial heavy equipment, but ABS is still a separate entity operating to service Komatsu applications. Regarding making battery pack enclosures, they can provide customized solutions for users with unique application needs, so if you have sub needs you can learn about them below. I forgot to mention that they have facilities in both Michigan and Ohio.

This list has been carefully selected and written with care, and I hope it will be of assistance to you. Each of the companies featured here has their own unique strengths, whether it's advanced technology, exceptional customer service, or a commitment to the environment and quality, that earned them a spot on the list. Of these companies, XD THERMAL is not a company in the Americas, but XD THERMAL's Battery Pack Enclosure allows for lightweighting, which not only saves on the amount of material used, but also makes for a more cost-effective enclosure solution, so I think XD THERMAL is a good candidate to be placed on this list.

The next two companies are not manufacturers of battery pack enclosures, but I think they are also helpful, so I’m including them in the list anyway, which can be used as expanded reading for you, or of course you can choose not to learn about them.

AEC is an international trade association dedicated to promoting the efficient use of aluminum extruders in North America. Of course, they also have a very detailed program on battery pack enclosures, where they highlight the advantages of extrusions for battery pack enclosure design, and have success stories for you to read about. Although this company is not a supplier of battery pack enclosures, you can learn about the knowledge and applications of battery pack enclosures here, and they also offer technical exchanges.

The company has production and R&D sites in Germany, the UK and the USA, which can be considered a very large organization. Their company produces Zeiss’ non-contact optical laser scanners for quality inspection of battery pack enclosures, and they are able to guarantee the quality of the product in terms of positional dimensions, quality of welded joints, in-line measurements during production, and full-field-of-view geometry acquisition. If you have a shortage of companies that inspect the quality of battery pack enclosures, then ZEISS is a good choice.

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