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Battery Thermal Management: Ensuring Temperature Consistency as the First Priority

In the field of batteries, the ‘Buckets Effect’ can be explained as follows: the performance and reliability of a battery system are determined by the weakest individual cell, while the overall system safety hinges on the most unstable cell. As cells generate heat during operation, temperature differentials arise within the battery pack. Excessive differentials can affect battery cell and pack safety. Consequently, ensuring temperature consistency within batteries has been a hot topic in the new energy industry.

While cells from the same batch share consistent material composition and production processes, inherent individual differences cannot be denied. We refer to this as ‘first-order cell inconsistency.’ Once these cells pass quality inspections and are deemed fit for use, this aspect is often overlooked. Our focus remains on minimizing the gradual increase in individual cell discrepancies during their usage, known as ‘second-order cell inconsistency.’ This aspect especially reflects the level of thermal management design.

Why? Because batteries exhibit a ‘chain reaction.’ A thermal runaway in one cell leads to significant heat release. Poor inter-cell heat transfer conditions can trigger adjacent cells to also undergo thermal runaway, escalating to module, cluster, and pack level. In a previous Shanghai Tesla fire incident, four battery modules were destroyed. Had it not been for prompt firefighting measures and rapid cooling with water, the likely outcome could have been the ignition of other modules as well.

Temperature consistency, a representative function of battery thermal management, serves as a core indicator of the sophistication of battery management technology. XD Thermal has been committed to the field of battery pack thermal management, collaborating with renowned domestic and international automakers, energy storage system manufacturers/integrators. We achieve temperature differentials within 3°C across entire battery packs.



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